On Chris Christie’s Likely Reëlection

Governor Christie is up for reëlection next month. He does not view all Americans as worthy of equal treatment under the law. Is it because they pay fewer taxes? Because they are different than him? Because he views them as less than human? Or is it just cynical politics? Who cares. That kind of behavior should be an automatic disqualifier for holding office as a servant of the public. More please!

The Filibuster Project Begins

Earlier this year, writer/actress extraodinaire Jessica Almasy asked if I wanted to write (with her) and perform (on my own) a 10+ hour long theatrical monologue. A filibuster. I responded with the only logical answer, my God of course I do let's start right now! And so we begin... More please!

Paul Ryan: The Tool’s Out of the Box

As part of the ongoing case that Congressman Paul Ryan is not, in fact, a highly principled fiscal and social arch-conservative but is in reality a highly ambitious and hard working tool driven by a deep need to be cool in the minds of the Republican cool kids he grew up with, I hereby present the following evidence: (1) Paul Ryan posed, on purpose, for this photo shoot. Keep in mind this is while he is pursuing a campaign to be elected Vice President of the United States of America. Paul More please!